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Cherry World Communication Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Nepal, operated by experienced IT professionals. CWC is dynamic and fast growing Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Nepal. Established in 2009, CWC has been always providing reliable and affordable Broadband Internet Services to its customers. 

The aim of the CWC is to provide high quality internet service anytime anywhere, Web Services, Sales and Support for IT products. We are providing reliable and cheap internet services and IT services to the customers as per their requirements.

CWC has been providing the broadband services through Co-axial cable, Ethernet Cable and Wireless Devices at the beginning. Few years back, CWC introduces FTTH and changed its distribution to the modern technology FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) replacing old distribution mediums and has been working on this technology to provide fast and reliable internet broadband services to its customers.
CWC is managed by the professional members of Cable TV and related IT professionals having experience more than a 20 years.
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